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Rascal Does Not Dream (Double Feature)
Année: 2024
Nationalité: U.S.A.
Réalisé par: Sôichi Masui
Durée: 2h 29min
Plateformes vidéo: PC - Smart TV - Disponible sur iOS et Android
Rascal Does Not Dream is a film directed by Sôichi Masui and based on the popular novel series of the same name by Hajime Kamoshida. The story follows a high school boy named Sakuta Azusagawa, who comes across a girl named Mai Sakurajima in a bunny girl costume wandering the library. Mai is a celebrity and former child actress who is experiencing a phenomenon known as "Adolescence Syndrome," which causes people's internal struggles or insecurities to manifest physically.

As Sakuta becomes close to Mai and helps her navigate through her struggles, he learns that there are other individuals experiencing similar phenomena, including his younger sister, Kaede. Together, they work to understand and overcome these supernatural occurrences that threaten to overshadow their ordinary lives.

Through witty dialogue, emotional moments, and touching relationships, Rascal Does Not Dream explores themes of love, loss, identity, and personal growth in a captivating and compelling way. The film delves into the complexities of adolescence and the challenges of growing up, while also celebrating the power of friendship and resilience in the face of adversity.

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