Project Silence (2024) streaming

Talchul: Project Silence
Année: 2024
Nationalité: Corée du Sud
Réalisé par: Tae-gon Kim
Durée: 1h 41min
Plateformes vidéo: PC - Smart TV - Disponible sur iOS et Android
Project Silence is a South Korean science fiction film directed by Tae-gon Kim. The film follows a group of scientists who discover a way to communicate with extraterrestrial beings through telepathy. As they delve deeper into their research, they uncover a sinister plot by a powerful government agency to weaponize this technology for their own gain. With the fate of humanity at stake, the scientists must race against time to prevent a global catastrophe and protect the alien civilization they have come to know. As the tension mounts and alliances are tested, Project Silence explores themes of power, ethics, and the consequences of human ambition in the face of the unknown.

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